Hi! I’m Clarissa, owner of Belle & Birdie. I’m a 30 year old entrepreneur from Yorkshire, UK. I was first inspired to open my own children's store two years ago when my beautiful niece was born. I don’t have children of my own so instead I dedicate a lot of my time towards helping out my sister who is a single mum. I have always wanted the best for my niece and try to source products for her which are safe, non-toxic and durable. I’m passionate about protecting our children's futures by caring for our planet. This means choosing products made from natural, sustainable materials which will cause the least amount of damage to the environment. I also strongly believe in equality and seek out brands with ethical values who treat their workers fairly.


The name Belle & Birdie is a tribute to both my niece and to my amazing grandma who sadly passed away this year. My grandma loved birds and always imagined that she would be a bird in the next life. My niece and grandma loved each other dearly and were both so alike! When my grandma passed away it made me realise how fragile life truly is and nudged me to finally achieve my dream and open my children’s store. I have carefully selected a range of children’s products from brands that align to my beliefs and values and therefore all of the products in the store are high quality, safe, eco friendly and ethical. I hope you will enjoy looking through the products and that you find something you like for your own little ones! Happy shopping :)
Clarissa - Owner of Belle & Birdie